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Adoption And International Medical Insurance

Adoption and international medical insurance can go happily hand in hand. Yes, we have just the long term expatriate medical insurance plan for you if you are requiring the adoption benefit to your international insurance policy.

Good Neighbor Insurance provides a variety of international insurance plans to fit the wide array of benefits each of our guests is requesting. You may view our long term medical insurance for expatriates here at

Good Neighbor Insurance has two expatriate medical insurance plans that will cover adoption. Before we go into details there is one important thing to remember about the adoption benefit.  Here is the key thing to remember – your policy must be active before any part of the adoption benefit may be used.  Thus, if the adoption process has already started without your international medical insurance policy being active this adoption benefit will...

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Geoblue Navigator Expatriate Medical Insurance


eoBlue Navigator Expatriate Medical Insurance is one of our favorite expat insurance cover here at Good Neighbor Insurance. You may learn more on our web pages here at  To watch videos on how GeoBlue works, the nuts and bolts of this truly awesome international medical insurance, please go to our corporate web page at  

We get great questions relating to what the GeoBlue Navigator expatriate investment covers and does not cover for medical insurance. Here are a few of those questions and answers we have compiled for our clients, you.

Question: Who may purchase the GeoBlue Navigator insurance?

Answer: The GeoBlue Navigator international insurance benefits is available for career expatriates residing outside the U.S.  This long term overseas insurance is also available for those in faith based / missionary ministries and...

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GMMI International Career Insurance


GMMI International Career Insurance has been by far our flagship overseas career insurance plans for families since 1998. Good Neighbor Insurance loves the GMMI plans. Well, let’s just get this out of the way first.  There is no perfect international insurance company. Why?  Because nobody is perfect!  Yes, even I am not perfect!  Since there is no perfect person there is no perfect insurance plan and / or insurance company.  However, the GMMI (Global Mission Medical Insurance) plans are very good and if they were not many of our clients would want to change to our other international career insurance plans, which can be located at these two links:

The GMMI plans come with four options:

  • GMMI Platinum
  • GMMI Gold
  • GMMI Silver
  • GMMI Bronze
  • To see the benefits of each of these overseas international career insurance cover...
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