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Patriot International Travel Insurance

An overview of the Patriot International Travel medical insurance

The Patriot International Travel medical insurance provides overseas medical and evacuation insurance benefits for (a) Individuals (b) Families (c) And groups

The Patriot International Travel medical insurance may be used while traveling for (a) Business (b) Pleasure (c) Anywhere outside of your home country (where you reside)


Videos of Expatriates Insurance

About Expat Insurance

Expatriate medical insurance for those residing outside the U.S. and for those residing in their own home country.

Good Neighbor Insurance (GNI),, provides over 25 different expat medical insurance options because not one long term expatriate medical insurance fits all.

Many of our GNI clients

  • Are U.S. citizens living and working outside the United States of America.
  • Are local nationals requesting strong western style medical insurance for themselves and their families in their home country
  • And foreign nationals residing outside their home country


Videos of Nomads Insurance

Insured Nomads Travel Medical Insurance

An overview of the Insured Nomads Travel Medical Insurance

Samantha had been live chatting with us this past week and was able to spend some time on the phone where she was visiting her folks in the Duck Keys, the southern part of Florida.  She was sharing with one of our trained international insurance agents Beth, that she was a digital nomad and loved traveling the world the last 8 years with laptop and smartphone by her side.  She needed a great travel medical insurance policy that would allow her coverage outside the U.S.

Yes, Beth said.  We have a superb travel medical insurance plan just made for the modern digital nomad. The Insured Nomad plan here at will work perfectly for you.  Let me share a bit more information with you on this, Samantha.

Here are some highlights of our Insured Nomad travel medical insurance (a) You do not need a permanent residence to apply but we do need a contact address.  (b) We understand you move around throughout the year as a digital nomad and thus a permanent address outside the U.S. is not needed. (c) Zero dollars deductible (d) Medical benefit maximum = $1,000,000 (e) Evacuation benefit maximum = $500,000 (f) Adventure sports benefits included (g) Personal equipment cover benefits included (h) and 24-hour emergency medical assistance

Outreach International Travel Insurance Videos

An overview of the Outreach International Travel Medical Insurance

Outreach Travel Medical Insurance presented by Good Neighbor Insurance, an international medical insurance brokerage firm

Why choose the Outreach Travel medical insurance for your travels? First, it is one of the best travel medical insurance options for worldwide cover.  Secondly, The Outreach Travel benefits are very affordable for the everyday traveler.

The Outreach Travel is available for individuals, couples, and families. It is also available for U. S. citizens and for non-U.S. citizens.

What are the benefits of choosing the Outreach Travel medical insurance?  If you add a few more days to your travels while traveling, you may extend your Outreach Travel medical insurance for 5 days or longer to fit your new travel itinerary.


Videos of Groups Insurance

Outreach Group Travel

An overview of the Outreach Group Travel medical insurance.

The Outreach Group Travel medical insurance is a custom-made plan for Good Neighbor Insurance here in Gilbert, Arizona to help (a) Keep the premium lower, especially for our clients. (b) Simple options of 3 medical maximum coverage as well as 3 medical deductible options. (c) Very easy to purchase on line  (d) No minimum participates are required. (e ) May purchase just for one person. (f) May purchase up to 12 months (g) Best for those under 65 (h) May upload spreadsheet to our web site quote  (i) and one application for all group members

The Day Tripper group travel insurance

An overview of the HCC Day Tripper short term team travel medical insurance

The HCC Day Tripper short term travel medical insurance is an international group travel insurance from Tokio Marine HCC – MIS Group, a member of Tokio Marine HCC,

Tokio Marine HCC – MIS Group, is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

Why choose the HCC Day Tripper group travel insurance? (a) Often, the primary medical insurance in your home country will not cover you and your family while traveling abroad. (b) Medical costs can be very costly while abroad. (c) This travel group plan covers not only medical insurance, emergency medical evacuation and other important travel medical benefits.

About International Employer Group Medical Insurance

About International Employer Group Medical Insurance

Here are reasons why Good Neighbor Insurance, located in Gilbert Arizona, may be the best option for you to find the best and most cost-effective international employer group insurance benefits,

You have more options with us at Good Neighbor Insurance,, when it comes to your international employer group medical insurance:

  • We provide over ten international insurance companies – IMG Group, Azimuth Group, Cigna Global, GeoBlue, UHC Global, Aetna International, NOW Health, GU International, MetLife, Zurich, Clements, and VUMI to name a few.
  • We provide fully funded, ACA compliant overseas medical coverage for eligible employer groups.
  • For groups not eligible for International ACA compliant insurance, we have group options via Surplus lines, that provide Minimum Essential Coverages.
  • We also provide, on a limited basis, level funded / partially self-funded (alternate funded) U.S. domestic ACA compatible employer group insurance options.
  • International employer group term life insurance, Directors and Officers cover, K&R coverage, Foreign General Liability, and other risk management benefits for your organization are other benefits we may provide for you.
  • With our experience, we can steer the insurance company to provide quotes that will give you the best “bang for your buck”
  • If you go straight to the international insurance company your options for coverage will be limited to only the plans they choose to offer, often their most expensive plans.
  • Payroll companies often only offer the “international” version of whatever the domestic company offers.
  • Going to multiple companies gives you more choices and more leverage in getting the best deal for your international employees.


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