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The Best Nonprofit Insurance Online

We provide short trip international health insurance, and both short or long-term travel insurance for global volunteers, from two days to 2 years as well as insurance for teams and group health insurance for nonprofits, whether small or large organizations.


Nomad & Remote

For long term travelers visiting multiple countries, or who have no guaranteed long term address- within or outside of the United States. 


We offer great insurance for volunteers and non-profits for people traveling overseas for social good including as a summer volunteer, on a gap year, or on a short-term relief trip.

Group Travel

We have the best long-term international insurance and career medical insurance plans for those working overseas, on overseas assignment, or choosing to live abroad, for at least one year.

Employer Group

Affordable group travel insurance for short-term trips overseas and teams needing emergency medical insurance abroad

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Protecting Social Workers Everywhere

We have the best insurance plans with the most affordable rates tailored for NGOs and nonprofit agencies working abroad, and in remote areas, for anyone needing affordable health insurance for volunteering, nonprofit charitable work abroad, social business entrepreneurs, and companies focused on social good.


In case of emergency...

Evacuation only plans exist specifically for worst case senarios. Know you're protected with these evacuation only plans. 

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We're here to protect you- and we know that knowing is half the battle- so we've put together blogs on all of the latest worldwide topics affecting international travel and service.

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