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About Us

At Good Neighbor Insurance, we serve and protect our clients by offering the best, most affordable health insurance to fit each client’s needs. Whether you are a traveler, living overseas, a non-profit worker or on international business, we keep you and your family or staff safe. We offer a wide variety of insurance products for non-profit staff, tourists, businesses operating abroad, newlyweds on honeymoon, parents adopting internationally, missionaries and church-based short-term teams, volunteers and music groups on tour overseas. Good Neighbor Insurance is here to meet every need and to make sure your insurance policy “fits” and protects you. We are committed to creating a business and a culture that values honesty over sales quotas, transparency over fine print, authenticity over hype, and ultimately, people over profit.

  • Our unique relationship with multiple top-rated companies means you know you’re getting the best prices worry-free!
  • Quick and easy! Apply online or call for a FREE QUOTE. There is always a real person to talk with you!
  • We look after everything for you. Making sure you’re covered, no mistakes or lapses. Friendly reminders.
  • A big company with a family atmosphere. Absolutely reliable, helpful people that hold to the highest ethical standards
  • We’ve been there. Nearly 100 years of experience living and working for non-profits / overseas.
  • Our specialty is covering travel to remote areas for NGOs, non-profits, or social good companies with unique needs. 

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