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Adoption And International Medical Insurance

Adoption and international medical insurance can go happily hand in hand. Yes, we have just the long term expatriate medical insurance plan for you if you are requiring the adoption benefit to your international insurance policy.

Good Neighbor Insurance provides a variety of international insurance plans to fit the wide array of benefits each of our guests is requesting. You may view our long term medical insurance for expatriates here at

Good Neighbor Insurance has two expatriate medical insurance plans that will cover adoption. Before we go into details there is one important thing to remember about the adoption benefit.  Here is the key thing to remember – your policy must be active before any part of the adoption benefit may be used.  Thus, if the adoption process has already started without your international medical insurance policy being active this adoption benefit will not be included.

Here are the two expatriate medical insurance plans we would recommend not only for the benefit of the adoption cover but also for all your international insurance coverage needs. These two expat medical insurance plans are one of the top end overseas medical insurance plans you and I can get while residing overseas.

Overseas medical insurance plan one: Navigator at

  • Best for volunteers, NGO’s, and missionaries.
  • The Eligible member must be scheduled to reside outside the U.S. for at least 3 months of the first year of coverage.
  • After the first year, no restrictions on time spent in the U.S.
  • Policy can be kept even when returning permanently to the U.S.
  • Deductible is waived for office visits with contracted physicians Administered using HIPAA guidelines
  • Pre-existing conditions are covered after 12 month. Waiting period can be waived with proof of prior creditable coverage.

Overseas medical insurance plan two: Xplorer at

  • This is a higher end plan than the Navigator plan.
  • Covers international medical care including emergency evacuation.
  • No restriction on time spent in or out of the U.S. and policy can be kept upon return home to the U.S. after the first year.
  • The Eligible Member must be scheduled to reside outside of his/her country for at least 3 months in the first year of coverage.
  • May use any medical facility in the U.S. or use the Aetna
  • Standard/Open Choice PPO network
  • See the brochure at for all the details.

As of March 2016 – here is the wording on adopted children for both of these expat medical insurance plans: An Insured Participant’s adopted child is automatically covered for Illness or Injury for 31 days from either the date of placement of the child in the home, or the date of the final decree of adoption, whichever is earlier. To continue coverage beyond 31 days, an Insured Participant must enroll the adopted child within 31 days from either the date of placement or the final decree of adoption.

To learn more about the adoption benefit that is included in the Navigator or Xplorer overseas medical insurance please connect with one of our licensed agents toll free 866-636-9100 or our Arizona phone number at 480-633-9500. You may also email us at [email protected].


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