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Patriot International travel medical insurance provides medical and evacuation cover

Patriot International travel medical insurance provides medical and evacuation cover for those traveling outside their home country. Good Neighbor Insurance has provide this superb travel medical insurance to her client for over 18 years.   The Patriot International travel medical insurance is not the most expensive nor is it the cheapest.  It provides the best travel medical cover you and I want for a very solid premium.  Who wants a cheap travel insurance plan?  Even when I travel outside the U.S., I have purchased this Patriot International travel medical policy for myself.

What constitutes a great travel medical policy? For starters, the center of this Patriot International travel medical policy is in the way IMG pays your claims.  As long the policyholder is following the benefits (read here for the most up-to-date brochure please – ) IMG will take care of your medical claims with top notch...

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Medical Evacuation Benefits On Expat Medical Insurance


Medical evacuation benefits on expat medical insurance is a big part of your international medical insurance investment. Residing in the U.S., many of us take for granted the types of ambulance service swe have in this great country.  Ambulance systems from land based ambulances to different types of air ambulances. Plus, let us not forget our wonderful fire fighters in cities and countries through our amazing country.  Many other countries have great ambulance services too but many countries do not.  That is where your overseas medical insurance benefits come in handy.

Here are different types of international evacuation cover that an expat and traveler could get from a U.S. based international insurance cover:

Medical Evacuation Benefit:

  • Medical evacuation insurance also known as emergency medical transportation and this benefit is on all of our international medical insurance policies here at Good Neighbor Insurance.
  • Most evacuation insurance will...
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