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Medical Evacuation Benefits On Expat Medical Insurance

Medical evacuation benefits on expat medical insurance is a big part of your international medical insurance investment. Residing in the U.S., many of us take for granted the types of ambulance service swe have in this great country.  Ambulance systems from land based ambulances to different types of air ambulances. Plus, let us not forget our wonderful fire fighters in cities and countries through our amazing country.  Many other countries have great ambulance services too but many countries do not.  That is where your overseas medical insurance benefits come in handy.

Here are different types of international evacuation cover that an expat and traveler could get from a U.S. based international insurance cover:

Medical Evacuation Benefit:

Political Evacuation:

  • Comes into play when the U.S. State Department (or similar governmental organization) issues a warning for their citizens to leave a location. Again, you contact the insurance company and they will make appropriate arrangements. This benefit is void if there is a travel warning already in place.
  • One of our best travel plans for political evacuation is our Diplomat Insurance at

Natural Disaster Evacuation:

  • Each travel insurance will have different rules regarding this type of evacuation.
  • No benefit would be payable if there was a warning. Usually up to 60 days. For example, if you were going to travel around a volcano that was erupting or had just erupted then this benefit would not be applicable. Especially if there was a travel warning in place.   But if you were at or around that volcano prior to any travel warning then one could use this natural disaster benefit.
  • Not all travel insurance plans provide the natural disaster evacuation benefit.
  • One of our top travel plans for this type of benefit is the Diplomat International travel insurance at This travel insurance plan was especially made with outdoor travelers in mind.

For more information on these different evacuation benefits please connect with our live licensed agents here in Gilbert, Arizona at 480-633-9500 or our toll free number at 1-866-636-9100. Or email us at [email protected].  We are always here to serve you, our guests, on your overseas medical insurance.  Have safe travels and have an amazing blessed time as you enjoy this great world we live in!


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