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Recommended book: World Without Fish

Makes “science” fun again and makes you care about our oceans and world and want to make a difference.

Recommended book: World Without Fish written by Mark Kurlansky, and illustrated by Frank Stockton, Workman Publishing, 2014, ISBN-10: 0761185003, ISBN-13: 978-0761185000, Paperback, 183 or so pages (No Kindle version listed) – Not just for “science geeks” this fun book grabs you and causes you to care once again about the ocean, its fish, and the world around us.

Looking for a great holiday present for a loved one, a child, a grandchild or for yourself? Check out this recommended book, “World without Fish” by Mark Kurlansky and Illustrated by Frank Stockton. It is a visual and literary feast helping to explain ecology, oceanography and the impact of overfishing, pollution and climate change of the living ocean(s). I appreciated that the book was written to be approachable by all ages (It says 9 and up on the back but a good reader who...

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