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India’s Rape Statistics – Uber Issues Update To App

Concerns over India’s rape statistics has caused Uber to update their mobile app:

It’s a sad day when a company as venerable (and new) as Uber decides they need to update their app to protect their female users against rape in India. India’s rape statistics have been a great concern to both the government and to travelers for a number of years as rapes and gang rapes of women have been reported in almost every state in India.

Rape and groping is often denied by police, as in the most recent cases (caught on video) on New Year’s Eve, 2016 in Bangalore, India. (See and

Uber itself became a part of the problem in December, 2014 when a woman alleged rape by a New Delhi driver. The trial of the driver, 32-year-old Shiv Kumar Yadav, is ongoing. New Delhi is of special concern to both local women and travelers as more women were raped in Delhi than...

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Fan death – Korean folklore or legitimate fear?

I hadn’t heard about this before. But I guess it’s a well-known truism. PRI even did a report on the belief in Korea that leaving a fan on overnight could cause death and many fans in Korea have timers to make sure no one forgets before going to sleep.

As PRI says, “A number of websites espouse theories about the origins of fan death. One way Koreans believe your fan can kill you is hypothermia. As the theory goes, if there’s a fan blowing all night, it may cause your body temperature to cool down enough to cause death.

They also worry about suffocation: that a fan left on in a sealed room just circulates the heat and prevents proper breathing. There’s even a theory that the South Korean government concocted the idea fan death to persuade citizens to decrease electrical use during an energy crisis in the ’70s. Of course, there’s no evidence to support any of these theories.”

Of course, even more popular is the idea that putting ice in...

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“Can I eat this?” – New Travel app from The CDC

Most of us travelers know that no travel app can guarantee you won’t get sick. And that washing your hands frequently may be one of the most important ways to combat diarrhea, as well as eating off clean plates, cups, and utensils. We’ve talked about this at length in the free book, ” The Top Three Risks When Traveling Overseas”( because dirty dishes, or those washed in dirty water can get you sick just as fast as bad food. As a traveler, you know that the risk of getting kidnapped or having your plane go down over water, or of a new Mount Vesuvius blowing up while you are visiting “Pompeii” is pretty remote, BUT the risk of getting a serious case of food poisoning or getting hit by a car while snapping a photo or having something traveling down the road (or tied to a vehicle traveling down the road) striking you while you are minding your own business on the sidewalk is a very real concern (or should be!).


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