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Atlas International travel medical insurance is one of our travel insurance

Atlas International travel medical insurance is one of our travel insurance that also includes medical evacuation coverage.

This Atlas travel medical insurance is a must for those traveling abroad such as

  • Tourists, vacationers, and sports enthusiast
  • Business travelers, contractors, and individuals enrolled in work programs overseas
  • Missionaries, social good contractors, service workers, and international volunteers
  • Visiting family members abroad

Why should you and I choose the Atlas International Travel Medical Insurance when we travel abroad?  Whatever your reason, international travel should be a pleasant experience. Complications and emergencies such as illness, injury, and natural disasters are a fact of life. While we hope none of these happens, we’re here to help if they do. Atlas Travel helps protect you from potential financial disaster while traveling abroad with benefits including inpatient and outpatient medical expenses, $1,000,000 of coverage for...

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