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Rhinos Endangered Over Ivory

Since our post May 18th regarding the largest ivory bust in history in Thailand, we have become aware of additional and growing threats to rhino populations around the world and rhinos endangered over ivory. As world attention and pressure is put on nations and governments to better protect elephants and enforce anti-ivory laws, armed groups, traffickers and poachers are increasingly going after lesser protected rhinos to supply ivory to Chinese markets that have seen prices soar (making ivory ever more “valuable”).

See an important news update (11/2015) at:

Three current efforts helping to protect the rhino that you should know about:

1.) AirShepherd is using drones to patrol wide areas in Southern Africa, and to track rhinos from above, and from a distance. According to the World Wildlife Fund, nearly 1,300 rhinos were poached in Africa last year, up from 62...

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Blood Minerals – What You Need To Know

What you need to know about Blood Minerals:

Blood minerals, or conflict minerals (also called conflict resources), are only found in large quantities in the Global South, primarily the African nation of the Congo (DRC) and are required in the production of smartphones, airplanes, automobile airbags, GPS devices, and almost every consumer electronic item – Here’s what you need to know.

Debate currently rages over Western laws, consumer demand contributing to the conflict, and more. It is a highly charged issue largely due to weak governments in many of these nations, corruption, unequal trade inbalances, and instability. (See It appears that U.S. laws in response to the militias has hurt local populations and increased poverty rather than solving the problem….Article continues below image.


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Child Soldiers – “Beasts of No Nation” book review

UPDATE: The following is a review of both the movie and the book, “Beasts of No Nation.” The first portion, the movie review does not contain spoilers. Exercise caution in reading the book synopsis.

The direct to Netflix film, Beasts of No Nation, is visually stunning, imminently believable, violent, warm, touching, and for mature audiences often layered and jumbled together. While the movie is bloody and violent, it is not gratuitous considering its subject matter. However, we warn you that the movie is not always easy to watch, nor the book easy to read. However, in my opinion, the movie (and book) leave you feeling that the world is a beautiful place and people are special and unique and that war and violence destroy this individuality and potential, disrupting even the best, and brightest, of characters.

One of the strengths of the movie is the touching family scenes, and the memorable scene were the kids try to “sell” their “imagination TV”...

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