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Recommended Health Insurance For Volunteer Workers

IMG GMMI health insurance for volunteer workers and non-profit staff overseas

GMMI (also known as Global Mission Medical Insurance) by IMG is one of our most popular plans for non-profits and staff with charitable organizations overseas whether faith-based or simply humanitarian.


IMG specializes in health plan option known for their rich benefits and affordability, and this particular plan for those overseas for more than 1 year has four levels to choose from: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Bronze is for those seeking a “catastrophic-type plan for emergencies only. Silver is for those seeking low premiums and the most affordable options while still receiving essential benefits and travel options. Gold has a full-range of benefits especially for those knowing they are probably planning to live and work overseas indefinitely. Platinum includes vision, dental and other wellness benefits typical of employer-provided plans in the USA.

One feature we like is that the above plans offered by IMG can include Global Term Life Insurance, Maternity, War and Terrorism, Adventure Sports (necessary if you are going to be participating in soccer overseas or using a motorcycle to get around), and Dental/Vision if needed. (Article continues after image)


Here are just a few of the reason IMG GMMI is a good choice if you need insurance for volunteer work overseas


Another thing IMG has done to further save you money is offer two coverage areas: Worldwide or Worldwide Excluding the USA, Canada, China, and Select Locations in SE Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, and Taiwan). You chose exactly where you need coverage so you don’t pay for coverages you will never use.

No matter what option or deductible you choose, if you are traveling as a family, the first two children (between 14 days and 9 years) are covered at no additional charge the first year.

IMG has some of the most extensive overseas medical services as well as doctors and nurses on staff as well as translators so that you never need to fear what course of action a doctor or hospital is recommending.

IMG also provides flexible underwriting to extend coverage to those that may have been declined by other companies.

There are far too many reasons why IMG is a great choice if you are going overseas as a volunteer or to help in community development or primary health/community health work. Please check out IMG’s GMMI brochure here:
or get a quick free quote at

See more about this GMMI plan on our website as well as FAQs, benefits and Updates. See how you can get the best of both worlds while serving/working overseas – Great health benefits at the best non-profit rates in the world. and Good Neighbor Insurance have won numerous service awards from IMG and are a preferred provider on IMG’s products. IMG refers clients to us when they are considering buying an IMG plan. Watch the video below to hear more about and GNI.




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