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GeoBlue Navigator is a superb expat medical insurance option for those residing outside the U.S.

ngo social good volunteer Sep 06, 2017


GeoBlue Navigator is a superb expat medical insurance option for those residing outside the U.S. Good Neighbor Insurance has provided the GeoBlue international medical benefits for over 15 years. 

The GeoBlue Navigator is tailored made for organizations who fall under the “social good” business structure. What is a social good organization?  Glad you asked!  Here is a great definition (from this web site, “A good or service that benefits the largest number of people in the largest possible way. Some classic examples of social goods are clean air, clean water and literacy; in addition, many economic proponents include access to services such as healthcare in their definition of the social or “common good.”

Thus, the GeoBlue Navigator international medical insurance was tailored made to help those, you the expatriate, who are helping others!

Here are five advantages of having this expatriate medical insurance for you and your family.

Policy provides an unlimited annual and lifetime maximum

For medical care outside the U.S., members are free to see any provider and their benefits will remain the same

  1. Pre-existing condition exclusion will be waived with proof of prior creditable coverage
  2. No waiting period when it comes to preventive services
  3. No precertification requirements
  4. No exclusion for terrorism (as long as the policyholder is not a participant)
  5. The strength of The Blue Group. GeoBlue Navigator international medical insurance is backed by the Blue Cross Association.
  • Imagine new, exciting and exotic destinations. Then imagine a broken leg. <more>

Medical evacuation is part of the benefits of the GeoBlue Navigator expatriate medical insurance. Here are some key highlights of this medical evacuation cover.

  • When you call GeoBlue they will verify the best local medical facilities.
  • Find the best medical facility to take care of your medical condition.
  • Make sure they have the right airplane or other mode of transport to move you to the medical facility.
  • Making sure the treating doctor(s) know of the policyholder’s medical situation.
  • Getting all the visa and government paper work in order if the medical evacuation takes the policyholder to another country.

Having someone on your side helping guide you through the whole process – that is what your GeoBlue Navigator International Medical Insurance will do for you!

  • Over 15% of U.S. expats and travelers overseas had their plans interrupted by an accident, medical condition, or natural disaster in 2016. <more>


This worldwide health insurance is the perfect fit for volunteers and those working in social good companies. The GeoBlue Navigator health insurance meets the needs of volunteers by offering comprehensive worldwide benefits—inside and outside the U.S.—without the typical limits, eligibility conditions and benefit exclusions common among traditional international medical insurance plans. Unlike plans that limit furlough coverage, GeoBlue Navigator covers stateside tours, delivering the continuity and convenience of benefits that are truly seamless and portable. GeoBlue Navigator is the premier health plan for volunteers because it combines these benefits with concierge-level medical assistance and easy access to an elite community of carefully selected hospitals outside the U.S. and a network that includes 92% of all doctors and 96% of all hospitals in the U.S. through the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Network.

Good Neighbor Insurance has been in business since 1997! Every one of our international trained and licensed insurance agents has a heart to serve you, our guests. It is a joy to know that we can provide you all with peace of mind with one of our many overseas medical insurance options to safe guard from financial calamity as well as providing you the best medical care while on your travels.  To connect with Good Neighbor Insurance, please email us at [email protected] or call us here in our Gilbert, Arizona office at 480-633-9500 or toll free at 866-636-9100.


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