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Patriot Platinum Medical Travel Insurance

travel insurance Sep 26, 2016


Patriot Platinum medical travel insurance is one of the top overseas travel insurance plans Good Neighbor Insurance provides to our clients. The Patriot Platinum travel insurance plan is one of the premium travel insurance plans.

Here is additional information on the Patriot Platinum travel insurance investment:

  • Underwriter – Sirius International
  • Patriot Platinum insurance rating is A by AM Best (underwritten by Sirius International).
  • Patriot Platinum insurance is offered and administered by a US-based insurance administrator: IMG.
  • Licensed and regulated by the Department of Insurance in the United States.
  • All claims are handled in USA.
  • Patriot Platinum insurance participates in PPO network (First Health PPO Network) providing you thousands of reputed doctors, medical experts and hospitals throughout the USA. Provider can directly bill the insurance company and the transaction can be cashless.

Additional information about IMG and answers for questions our clients as us over the years:

Q: What is IMG’s mailing address?

A: General Mailing: International Medical Group, Inc. 2960 N. Meridian Street Indianapolis, IN 46208 USA

  • Claims: Claims Department P.O. Box 88500 Indianapolis, IN 46208-0500
  • E-mail:
  • ATTN: Claims Department

Q: Do I need to carry the ID card with me at all times?

A: Your ID card contains important information including contact information for IMG should a medical emergency arise. We recommend that you carry it with you at all times.

Q: Am I required to complete an IMG Claim Form every time I go to the doctor?

A: The Claims department encourages all insureds to complete a Claim Form for each new onset of an illness or injury.  This process gives IMG knowledge that you are receiving medical treatment and allows us to watch for appropriate billing to be filed on your behalf.  If you fail to submit a Claim Form and additional information is requested, IMG will contact you with an Explanation of Benefits and attach a Claim Form if one is required.

Q: How long will it take to process a claim?

A: Complete “Proof of Claim” must be received by IMG prior to making any benefit determinations. Proof of Claim is defined within your plan or Certificate of Insurance. Once all information is received, then claims are promptly processed in accordance with industry standards. However, when additional information is required to complete the Proof of Claim, processing will be delayed. The insured will receive an Explanation of Benefits indicating what is needed for further consideration. Failure to comply may result in the insured’s claim being closed for lack of response.

Q: What is precertification and why is it required?

A: Precertification is a requirement under your certificate for certain medical services.  Please see your certificate for a list of services which require precertification.  During the precertification process, medical professionals review the planned medical services against standard medical criteria to ensure that the services are within accepted medical standards and are medically necessary.  Precertification may be initiated by you, your representative or your medical provider.  This can be done through MyIMG, through the Client Resources page of IMGLOBAL  or by calling IMG at 1.800.628.4664 (within the U.S.) or 1.317.655.4500.  Most U.S. hospitals and physicians are familiar with the precertification process and will make the phone call for you, though they are not required to do this.  You are responsible for ensuring the precertification process is done five days before you are hospitalized or within 48 hours of an accident or emergency illness.

Q: How do I submit claims online?

A: Log onto MyIMGSM to submit claims using our online claims form.

  • You may also use the following address to send any information to our Claims department.
  • International Medical Group – Claims Department – PO Box 88500 – Indianapolis, IN 46208-0500

Learn more about the Patriot Platinum travel insurance plan here at  Good Neighbor Insurance provides international travel insurance to those traveling outside their country of resident/country of citizenship. Call one of our professional international travel insurance agents at 866-636-9100 or you may email us at [email protected]. Have an amazing and safe travels!


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