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Trekker Choice International Travel Insurance

travel insurance Jun 13, 2016

Trekker Choice International Travel Insurance is a multi-trip travel insurance plan for our clients who are heading overseas for more than two times a year. This is the most cost effective travel insurance option for those who love to travel outside the U.S. for up to 70 days per trip for as many trips in a 12 month period as you want to take.

The Trekker Choice is best for the expat who lives in the U.S. but takes frequent trips overseas and wants a solid travel insurance plan. Having this multi travel plan allows you and I not to have to purchase a travel medical insurance plan each time we leave the U.S.  On average, the third trip onwards on the multi travel plan allows you  and I to come out ahead when thinking about saving on insurance premiums for each trip.  I travel at least two times outside the U.S. and thus feel I get the best bang-for-the-buck when I have this Trekker Choice insurance plan in my back pocket in case I am ever in need of overseas medical care.  We like that Worldwide Insurance Services (parent company of the GeoBlue and Worldwide brand) is rock solid, and part of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

You may view the full benefits of these multi travel insurance plans here at

Q: Why have this type of international travel insurance benefit?

A: An emergency medical evacuation from overseas can easily cost upwards of $100,000 or more. Many domestic health plans do include some foreign medical emergency travel benefits however coverage may be limited, include heavy copays or deductibles, and may not pay for emergency medical transportation.

A: This is for those on Medicare Supplement / Gap plans:  A Medicare Supplement plan that includes Foreign Medical Emergency benefits provides a $50,000 lifetime maximum benefit and provides reimbursement of 80% of your foreign emergency medical expenses. There is also a $250 deductible per occurrence. That is simply not enough coverage.  This is why the Trekker Choice is a great option, especially for seniors.

Here is a list of benefits and other valuable information of why we enjoy sharing this overseas multi-trip option to our clients:

  • Pre-existing medical conditions are not excluded
  • Deductible waived if GeoBlue international physician    network is utilized     
  • Cashless access to pre-selected doctors in more than 150 countries
  • Online toll free access to GeoBlue drug translation guide
  • Legal assistance and emergency cash advancements
  • Destination specific health information available for 200+ cities outside the U.S.
  • Security profiles including crime and terrorism risk for 180 countries
  • Who is eligible for this multi travel insurance plan?
    • Those under the age of 85
    • Those enrolled in a primary health plan (Medicaid and VA health plans are not considered a primary plan under this type of policy).
    • For children under the age of 6 must be enrolled with a parent
    • Initial purchase must be made in the home country prior to departing on the trip
  • U.S. licensed and regulated
  • Strength of a U.S. Insurer
    • Underwritten by 4 Ever Life Insurance Company, rated
    • A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best. 4 Ever Life is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

Here is a quick highlight of the benefits of the Trekker Choice multi trip travel insurance (all in USD):



Medical expenses

$250,000 (for travelers under age 70, $100,000 for travelers 70-85)

Emergency dental

$200 ($100 for relief of pain)

Emergency evacuations



$25,000 (outside the U.S. only)



24/7 assistance services



Good Neighbor Insurance provides international travel insurance to those traveling outside their country of resident/country of citizenship. Call one of our professional international travel insurance agents at 866-636-9100 or you may email us at [email protected]. Have an amazing and safe travels!


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