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GMMI International Career Insurance


GMMI International Career Insurance has been by far our flagship overseas career insurance plans for families since 1998. Good Neighbor Insurance loves the GMMI plans. Well, let’s just get this out of the way first.  There is no perfect international insurance company. Why?  Because nobody is perfect!  Yes, even I am not perfect!  Since there is no perfect person there is no perfect insurance plan and / or insurance company.  However, the GMMI (Global Mission Medical Insurance) plans are very good and if they were not many of our clients would want to change to our other international career insurance plans, which can be located at these two links:

The GMMI plans come with four options:

The GMMI plans are best for those working:

  • In the social good workforce. These folks work to better people’s lives in multiple ways such as providing clean water, sustainable practices and job creation, and help expand literacy to folks throughout the world.
  • Missionaries/Volunteers.
  • Those working in NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations)and Non-Profit staff.

The GMMI plans are:

  • Administered by International Medical Group (IMG)
  • Underwritten by Sirius International Insurance Corporation, a White Mountains Insurance Group company, and is a rated A “Excellent” by A.M. Best.

Here are additional benefits of the GMMI plans:

  • GMMI was designed specifically to provide a wide range of benefits to the career or long-term charitable worker and offer continuous coverage while overseas and back in the US while on furlough or deputation. GMMI provides 5,000,000USD of lifetime coverage with a full range of benefits suited for individuals and families. You will be covered worldwide, including your country of citizenship, 24 hours a day and you have the freedom to choose any doctor or hospital for treatment.
  • Term life rider option
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) rider option
  • Terrorism rider on the GMMI Platinum rider option
  • Adventure Sports rider option GMMI Platinum plan option.
  • Dental & Vision Rider option on the GMMI Bronze, GMMI Silver, GMMI Gold options.
  • The GMMI Gold plan does include a mental health benefit of $10,000 per period with a maximum benefit of $50,000. This benefit is available to you after your first twelve months of continuous coverage which has already been satisfied.
  • Your GMMI Gold health plan is a worldwide plan does include the United States or if you choose not to have the U.S. and Canada cover you may also go that route.
  • Effective now, members on the Global Series of products who are entering into their 25th month of coverage and beyond will be assigned the UnitedHealth International PPO instead of First Health. This move will improve the member access to quality providers and provide strong healthcare value.
  • The GMMI international career insurance policies define pre-existing as any Illness, Injury, sickness, disease, or other physical, medical, Mental or Nervous Disorder, condition or ailment that, with reasonable medical certainty, existed at the time of Application or at any time prior to the Effective Date of this insurance, whether or not previously manifested, symptomatic or known, diagnosed, Treated, or disclosed to the Company prior to the Effective Date, and including any and all chronic, subsequent or recurring complications or consequences related thereto or resulting or arising therefrom.

Good Neighbor Insurance provides international travel insurance to those traveling outside their country of resident/country of citizenship. Call one of our professional international travel insurance agents at 866-636-9100 / 480-633-9500 or you may email us at [email protected]. Have an amazing and safe travels!


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