IMPACT Conference workshops (over 90) feature subjects at all levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) surrounding these themes or categories:

  • Service Learning & Community Based Research: Connecting community engagement with academic work, including working with community partners, teaching pedagogy, service-learning and community-based participatory research, building research questions, reflection, engaging departments, and working with faculty.
  • Community Service Programs: Strategies for building strong service programs. Examples of these topics include: recruitment, retention, orientation, training, program structure, meaningful service, evaluation/outcomes, funding and organizational sustainability, and strategic partnerships.
  • Administrators: These workshops are geared toward professionals in the field of civic engagement and will focus on hot topics within student community engagement. Participants will have the opportunity to network with other administrators to discuss issues and develop or refine their skills.
  • Alternative Break Programs: Best practices for organizing effective, meaningful, and transformative alternative break programs.
  • Issues and Advocacy: These workshops explore the issues to develop the awareness, knowledge, and skills necessary to effect social change; they can also include ways in which different campuses have taken action to address these issues. Topics of particular interest include: sustainability, political participation and action, economics, immigration, corporate and consumer responsibility, human trafficking and social entrepreneurship.
  • Leadership and Professional Skills/Career Development: These workshops develop the skills needed for socially conscious careers in today’s economic and political times, including topics such as: assessment, grant and proposal writing, intercultural communications, advocacy, leadership, and networking. These workshops may also provide opportunities to explore differing paths into the social justice field, such as non-profit organizations, corporations, social entrepreneurs, grassroots organizations, and policy writing.
  • Spirituality/Faith and Service: For many people spirituality and faith are a cornerstone of their commitment to service and justice. Explore how to deepen, honor, and leverage the spiritual and faith-based roots of service.
  • Volunteer Management: Best practices in finding, matching, supporting and recognizing volunteers. Workshops in this category feature tools, models, and advice to guide your work. and also includes strategies for recruiting and leveraging volunteers, improving risk management policy, and tracking volunteer impact.